Philosophy by Nuggett & Charlie


Nuggett’s Philosophy

I’ve had a passion for healthy, glowing skin since I was a child so I could age gracefully. I have used all expensive creams, lotions & serums available from all over the world in my work with actors, models, celebrities and myself. I have been endlessly confronted with skin conditions like eczema and dehydrated, irritated, tired, lifeless skin as a makeup artist.

In the entertainment industry we are constantly wearing cosmetics & makeup that are bombarded with chemicals & “feel good” synthetic ingredients. These products are not nurturing for your skin.

They only last for a short time, and then I was out there looking again for something else that would make their skin look healthy and hydrated.

In answer to this I researched for many years and started to develop my own Luxurious Handmade 100% Organic Skin Care made with a synergistic blend of Aromatherapy Oils that make you happy. That’s why I called it “HAPPINESS”! It’s exactly what makes you feel inside and out. So your skin is healthy, fresh, hydrated, dewy and glowing. You look good and feel happy.

It’s time for the Beauty culture to embrace Organic and Chemical Free Products from any artificial preservatives, synthetic products, petro-chemicals, mineral oils, parabens and is not tested on animals.

I continue to research and source the Best Anti-aging Organic Oils, Herbs, Flowers and ingredients from Organic Farms around the world to create the Fountain of Youth for all of us.

I encourage people to  themselves on all levels, don’t stress be happy, laugh and smile!

I believe if we eat as much Fresh Organic Raw Food and exercise this is the secret that creates happy endorphins within us

I say we get only one Face, one Body & one Planet. So why not protect what we are blessed to have.

Happiness Always

Nuggett & Charlie xo