"My lifelong passion is to be healthy, happy and age gracefully.

'Happiness' is my exclusive, luxury organic vegan skincare range developed and trialled 'live' worldwide on my celebrity talent in Film and TV. They love it.

Traditionally in the entertainment industry we have used exclusive skincare and cosmetics brands full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients and all tested on animals. Being a long time advocate of organic and cruelty free, I knew there was a better way.

I spent over twenty years researching and creating the fountain of youth in my kitchen. I have slowly developed my own skincare range made with natural, organic, vegan, botanical based anti-aging ingredients to nurture, protect and beautify their skin and enhance the wellbeing of my celebrity clients, creating Happiness inside and out!"

- Nuggett McCabe


Nuggett McCabe founder of Nuggett x Charlie Skincare


Nuggett is a Celebrity Film & TV Make-up Artist renowned for her luxurious organic vegan skincare range handcrafted with love, passion and blended with the most powerful natural organic anti-ageing ingredients.

Charlie is her much loved pug.  

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