Happiness Inside & Out with Casey Donovan

Happiness inside and out is working with Casey Donovan and Nuggett has had the pleasure of being her makeup artist over the years. From singing to stage, there is nothing Casey can't do and we had the pleasure of sitting down with her and discovering more about this naturally talented and beautiful soul!

"I first met Casey when she was sitting in my makeup chair while I was working on the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in 2006. Casey had just won Australian Idol and I could feel her excitement and nerves but I will always remember this very down to earth, angelic, beautiful, humble and funny soul that had just been thrown into the world of show-business. She wasn’t your typical pop star and I admired how naturally gorgeous she was with the most amazing curly hair!

Casey Donovan and Nuggett McCabe Makeup Artist

Since then we have continued to work together and spent the last couple of New Years Eve’s celebrating when she is performing at the ABC Opera House Concert.

To watch her talented, hard working and happy soul blossom over the years and truly finding her feet in whatever she chooses to do is inspirational to everyone. Casey will forever leave her footprints in the hearts of everyone who meets her.

When I do her makeup she practices and sings. What more could I ask for, especially when she has the voice of Aretha Franklin!

Casey is an icon and there is so much more of her to see and enjoy. Check out her latest and my favourite song PROUD!"

Casey Donovan and Nuggett McCabe



1. You grew up in a musical family so talent is naturally in your blood. What’s your earliest childhood memory of knowing music was a passion you wanted to pursue?
I think my best memory for me wanting to pursue music, was definitely performing at my high school assembly singing a Silverchair classic “Shade".

2. You’ve come a long way since winning Australian idol in 2004 - how did that experience change your life?
That experience changed my life forever! It gave me lots of opportunities, good and bad, but all of the lessons I needed in life to get me to where I am today.

3. I absolutely love your song ‘Proud’! What is your proudest achievement to date?
Goodness these are such great questions! I think the proudest achievement for me in life is finding my worth and stepping into my power. It’s only taken me almost all of my life to understand that you can only be truly happy when you love yourself and learn from yourself.
Casey Donovan new single Proud

4. From The Sapphires to We Will Rock You and Chicago, you are a natural on stage and steal the show! What made you pursue musical theatre?
Awww thank you! I think for me it was a challenge, it was new and exciting and something I had always wanted to do, but just didn’t know how! It has really changed my life in all the good ways and I have learned and met some amazing friends and colleagues. It really is such a great community to be part of!

Casey Donovan Chicago Australia

5. You’re about to hit the stage, how do prepare for a performance? Do you ever get nervous?
Hahaha how much time do we have? I do get quite nervous before I go out on to stage. Usually I’ll prepare by sitting down and putting my face on and taking my time whilst running through what I need to do whilst on stage. Giving myself lots of little pep talks along the way. Just before I go onstage you will usually find me pacing nearby and sweating hahaha!

Casey Donovan Chicago Australia

6. If you could perform with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Oh dear! Ummm can I say Aretha Franklin. I don’t think I need to explain why hahaha!

7. Not only are you the Australian queen of singing and theatre, but after your time on I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here you were crowned Queen of the Jungle! Tell us about that experience and what was the biggest lesson you learnt about yourself while being in the jungle?
Strength is what I have learned along the way.
Casey Donovan Queen of the Jungle - I'm a celebrity get me out of here

8. You have continued to bless the world with your voice throughout lockdown with your Tuesday Bluesday sessions. How do you stay motivated and positive during tough times?
Look, if i'm being honest, it's really a mixed bag. Somedays are great…Some-days are not so great. I think the best thing is to not be so hard on yourself and to be kind.

9. Your skin is always glowing and gorgeous! What are your skincare secrets?
Water, lots and lots of water hehehe!
Casey Donovan Happiness Nuggett and Charlie Skincare

10. Walk us through your skincare routine - what essential products could you not live without and why?
My skincare routine is pretty basic! But it is usually just a cleanser in the shower and some moisturiser. I also enjoy a quick spritz of the Nuggett and Charlie Revitalise Face Mist to uplift and hydrate my skin!
Casey Donovan - Nuggett and Charlie Skincare

11. What does Happiness mean to you?
Happinesses to me is learning to love yourself in all of your forms!

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