Celebrity Testimonials

Dena Kaplan

I have been using the Nuggett & Charlie HAPPINESS facial mist for a few years now. A friend of mine sprayed it on my face one day when I was feeling exhausted on set and I fell in love, the smell was so beautiful, but the feel of it on my skin and the way it refreshed me was the most exciting part! I tracked Nugget down to have my own and now I absolutely adore the product and can’t go a day without my happiness spray, it smells incredible and wakes me up. It feels so beautiful on the skin and just helps to refresh and revive me when I have spent hours on set and been up since 5am. I even spray it over my makeup sometimes as it makes my skin feels moisturized and dewy. I always take it with me when I am travelling all over; it feels so great to have a spray of Happiness on the plane, when your skin really needs a fix! I also admire the philosophy and belief behind the all organic and chemical free products.

Dena Kaplan xx

Cleopatra Coleman


I absolutely adore Happiness. It's one of those products that has so many uses. I spray it on my pillow before bed, on my body after i shower,

I spray Happiness on my face whenever I can and I take it with me to auditions and spray it before I go into the room. 

I carry it with me everywhere I go. It keeps me feeling fresh, relaxed and most of all, Happy.

xoxox - Cleo

Verity Hunt-Ballard

I love Happiness face mist. I travel a lot and spend long nights in the theatre. Nuggett & Charlie's 'Happiness face mist' makes me feel fresh and glowing every time I use it. It rehydrates my skin and smells amazing!

Rob Mills

Kelly Butler

I am lucky enough to have been using these product since before they were released ( I am an Actor and met Nugget (and Charlie !) in the industry.. these products are so effective, my skin is soooo much healthier and moisturised that people even compliment me on it.( that never used to happen AT ALL , godstruth!),they are all organic, beautifully made, and highly effective product...if I had to choose a favourite ( and this is only because I use it the most, they are all excellent) I would pick the Happiness Body Shine, I use it on my body as a moisturiser, my hair as a shine/control and moisturiser aaand my face as a gorgeous treatment....Guys check them out, I promise you will be very happy......Much Happiness!

Kelly Butler xxx