About us

Nuggett McCabe is a celebrity Make-up Artist and has been working in the film, television, theatre, fashion and music industry for over twenty years.

‘Happiness’ is my exclusive luxury range of organic aromatherapy products.

Used worldwide by celebrities and makeup artists ‘Happiness’ is now available to the public!

‘My passion is healthy, glowing skin. Throughout my career I have seen clients with eczema, dermatitis and generally tired and dehydrated skin. I have experimented with a range of expensive skin products, often having no lasting effect.

In the entertainment industry we are constantly wearing cosmetics full of chemicals and ‘feel good’ synthetic ingredients. These products are not nurturing for your skin.

So I began to research organic aromatherapy ingredients and over several years have developed my own luxurious, handmade 100% organic skin care range made with a synergistic blend of aromatherapy oils aimed to bring happiness to you and your skin!

‘Happiness’ products leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated with a gorgeous dewy glow.

It’s time for the beauty industry to embrace organic and chemical free products. My products are free from any artificial preservatives, synthetic products, petro-chemicals, mineral oils, parabens and are not tested on animals.

I continue to research and source the best anti-ageing organic oils, herbs, flowers and ingredients from organic farms around the world to create ‘the fountain of youth’ for all of us.

I believe we only get one face, one body, one planet- so why not protect what we are blessed with.

I encourage you to try ‘Happiness’ – you’ll see and feel  the difference!

Happiness always

Nuggett & Charlie xo



Charlie is my much loved on set pug. He has been my loyal companion for 18 years. He is deaf and blind. My adorable Charlie is such a beautiful soul and brings me much ‘happiness’! He even gets one of my products ‘body shine’ rubbed on his coat every day, giving him the most gorgeous shiny coat!